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4 Signs It May Be Time to Consult With a Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce is a difficult and sad thing, but it is sometimes unavoidable. In fact, according to World Population Review, over 70% of marriages end in divorce after the second time. It might be tempting to put off calling a divorce lawyer as long as possible, as this step often makes the impending divorce seem more real. However, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you put off calling a divorce attorney too long. Here are a few signs that you should call a lawyer soon.

1. The Other Party Has Filed

If your spouse has already filed for divorce, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stop it. If you don’t call a lawyer to represent your interests in the divorce, you could wind up at a disadvantage. A divorce attorney is a legal professional on your side representing your needs and interests during this often complicated legal process. Without a lawyer, you are very much at the mercy of your ex-spouse.

2. There Is Infidelity

If you discover your partner has been unfaithful to the marriage, it’s important that you take some type of action. Some couples can go through counseling and repair the damage that was done. However, with others, infidelity is usually a final blow to the relationship that was already having problems. When infidelity is involved emotions can run high and this could work to your disadvantage. A divorce attorney can help you stay centered and focused on your goals to ensure you get what you intend out of the divorce.

3. The Existence of Abuse

Physical, emotional, or financial abuse in a marriage are grounds for divorce. You will need an attorney to help you navigate the often confusing and challenging details of submitting evidence of abuse to a court. In this toxic situation, your lawyer will act as your advocate.

4. There Are Children Involved

If you have children and they are being negatively affected by the spouse, it’s crucial that you call a 
divorce attorney to help. An unhappy marriage or a spouse that mistreats your children in some way can have long-lasting effects. As a parent, you have a responsibility to keep your children in a happy and safe environment.

If you are considering divorce, you need legal help. Here at Bergermann Law Firm, we bring over 40 years of experience in divorce and other legal matters. Please contact us today to learn more about our divorce services and how we can help you through this challenging time.

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